Guess What’s in a Wedding Guest Book

Wedding guest books are tools that record who attended the wedding day. Usually, these books contain a few pages depending on the number of the expected attendees. Aside from photo albums and video footage, these books are tools for documentation of the event.

Common guest books used in a wedding are books that contain columns for the guests to enter their name, address and signatures. It is also the same guest books that end up in a corner of the dusty storage room. Avoid this from happening by using great and creative ideas to come up with a nice guest book. Here are some guidelines for a great guest book from the wedding.

o Complete it!
An incomplete guest book in any occasion will only defeat its purpose. The purpose of which is to list all of the guests who actually attended. Some weddings have a person who is tasked to have the guests to sign it to make sure it is accurate.

o Put a face in it
A typical guest book will only include certain details such as the name, address and signature of the guest. Make it a little different by not only including these details but also including the picture of the guest beside it. This is best done by having a Polaroid camera in handy.

o Give a little love
Make the guest book a little more than the usual remembrance from the event. Instead of the not-so-useful details that are usually written, ask the guests to write a short message for the couple to make it more personalized and more special. It can include a quote that can be useful to the couple as they journey into the married life.

o No to Paper
Wedding guest books are no longer limited to the leather-bound specialty papers where guests sign in to prove their attendance. There are also wedding books where ceramics and silver plates can be used. This is a better alternative to the usual paper books. This will also make a good display item in the house.

Make every moment memorable in the wedding day. Include a wedding guest book in the supplies in order to keep track of the people who celebrated the special day with the couple. Do not limit these books into signatures affixed in books. Be creative and use other materials that will make a good remembrance from the wedding.

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