Options For Creating A Unique Wedding Guest Book

When it comes to deciding on the style of wedding guest book and wedding favours couples will tend to go for something that they feel is traditional. In most cases they will choose a book that is covered in satin or velvet in a colour that complements the other colours of their wedding which their guests can sign.

But there are plenty of other ways for you to have something that you can treasure for years to come when it comes to the book your guests will sign and will provide them with an opportunity to leave a special reminder of them as well. Below we take a look at what some of the options are for you to create a book for your wedding guests that is totally unique.

Option 1 – Ceramic Plates

Not only are these easy to get hold of you will have a wide selection of different styles and designs to choose from so finding one that complements the theme of your wedding reception won’t prove hard. When you do purchase these items remember to also purchase the specialist ceramic markers as these will ensure that what is written on the plates will remain. If you happen to be inviting quite a large number of people to your wedding then it is worth considering purchasing two or more ceramic plates on which the guests can write and then of course you can display them in your home.

Option 2 – Wedding Guest Cards

Of all the options we give in this article this one is not only the easiest to organize but is also the least expensive. The bride and groom need to purchase some index cards (plain ones) on which people or couples can leave a message then sign. Plus they will also need to purchase a box in which the cards can be kept. A plain one will do as the bride can then decorate it with coloured ribbons and tulle that matches the colours chosen for her wedding flowers. Plus to make the guests feel more special allow the guests to write their messages on the cards using silver or gold pens.

Option 3 – A Photo Frame

Some couples would rather be able to display the messages they receive from their guests at all times and a great way of doing this is through use of a large white photo frame. Then after the wedding the happy couple can insert a picture of their special inside it making it more relevant. If you are going to use this way of getting guests to leave messages for you then make sure that the frame is large enough to accommodate and placed on a surface that provides plenty of support as they write. Also to help ensure that each message stands out that is left allow your guests to write them using gold, silver or even brightly coloured pens.

Option 4 – Digital Guest Book For Your Wedding

To produce this type of wedding guest book you will need either a laptop with a webcam or a digital camcorder, plus of course someone who is willing and understands the technology to operate them. Now all that guests need to do is sit or stand in front of the camera or laptop and when the person tells them to they can leave a message for the happy couple. The great thing about this method is that the couple can then create DVDs of their special day that they can send to guests with the messages from the playing in the background.

In this article we have offered some other ways of creating a unique wedding guest book. Yet these are only a few if you go online there are plenty of others worth considering using not only for creating a unique guest book for your wedding but also for creating unique wedding favours.

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